Get Realistic Information on Independent Review Sites

There are hundreds of review sites online. Most are affiliate sites set up to promote one brand or another. The information may be accurate, but not all information is available. Those sites present the positive aspects of a product, totally neglecting to include any weaknesses or possible issues reported regarding the product. An independent site will include complete information regarding products. The goal is not to sell anything, only to inform customers. That allows people to make informed decisions regarding important purchases. The best review for breast pumps, for example, will be found on an independent website.

An independent site will also present several options, rather than just a few. One independent product review, for example, includes eight options for electric single and double breast pumps. Hand pump information is minimal because that type is typically used by mothers who remain home with the baby. It is simple, portable, and cost-effective, which makes it ideal for occasional pumping needs. Electric pumps are in higher demand because they are efficient, have different settings, and are used for the volume pumping required of working mothers.

Reviews are all inclusive to give customers a realistic idea of how the pump will perform. The Playtex breast pump, for example, has soft and comfortable suction cups that many mothers appreciate. It is not recommended by one independent review due to poor suction strength and many reported complaints about replacing parts. The initial cost is less than some competitors, but ends up being more expensive when the price of new parts is included. The Hygeia Brest Pump is a double electric pump with a battery backup that is comfortable and quiet. It is also noted that the product is expensive. If cost is not a factor, that pump is perfect for the needs and preferences of some mothers. Those on a budget will know to keep searching for something more affordable.

The Nuk double electric pump is compact and has one-touch operational capability. The system is closed, which means the milk does not go through an excessive amount of tubing, or the body of the pump, before reaching the storage bottles. That is important because it reduces the risk of mold and bacteria being added. The Ameda Breast Pump is a closed system as well. Milk goes from breast, through flanges, and directly into a bottle. There are three simple components to wash, making this option easy to use.